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Release: April 1st 2022

MARKO debutes with a unique blend of hyper-pop and pop rock in the anthemic 'Dizzy'

MARKO’s debut single ‘Dizzy’ is a emo diary entry on speed. Best described as Hyper-rock, the song is the perfect example of MARKO’s love for genre bending instrumentation and vividly brutal songwriting. With the catchy and nostalgic pop rock hook ‘Dizzy’ will leave you feeling angsty and anticipating more.


Dizzy is a song about feeling disorientated with your surroundings, as the title suggests. However in the context of the song MARKO refers to feeling Dizzy as a result of major life changes and upheaval. The song came about as a result of MARKO’s own decision to throw himself in the deep end.


Marcus began making a name for himself on the internet from vlogs and videos on experiences in his life in late 2016. He developed a small online following but it wasn't until 2018 when he began his musical journey. In February 2019 after releasing 3 self produced singles Marcus was offered a distribution deal from AWAL. Then after a stream of singles released his debut mixtape 'Digital Dreamland' on November 15th 2019 exploring themes of escapism and internet culture. The mixtape was met with positive reception from the online queer community and alternative pop music blogs.

The project proved as a great starting point for the then 20 year old and landed him on some of Spotify's biggest editorial playlists such as 

'All New, All Now' and 'Hot New Bands'

It also lead him to become one of the faces of the up and coming online queer music movement. Marcus has been open about his sexuality online and how he identifies as sexually fluid in an interview with 'aAh Magazine' on 'Navigating the Music Industry in 2020 as an Independent Artist' he talked about what it means to him being part of the queer music space. 

Now 21, Marcus is breaking into the industry in big ways while also releasing music and narrating his life and journey along the way. 2020 has seen Marcus release his first two singles from the sophomore mixtape 'Fresh Hell' which showed Marcus' ability to break out of the hyper-pop sound brought to the table in Dreamland. However since April he has been in the process of releasing a mini EP that he created during the lockdown of 2020. One thing is for sure, Marcus brings a lot to the table.