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Marcus Connolly releases the moody grunge inspired single 'Breathe'.

Available on Spotify and Apple Music  May 14th.

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Marcus Connolly releases the moody & grunge inspired single 'Breathe'. In the fifth official single from the anticipated second mixtape ‘Fresh Hell' Marcus releases his most mature sounding release to date. Inviting us into the dark & melancholic side of his mind, the song 'Breathe' tells the story of feeling underwhelmed with everything and wanting to die. Merging gritty rock instrumentation and Marcus' pop writing sensibility, 'Breathe' is a catchy, dark pop track with an alternative edge.


Artist Bio:

"An energetic mish-mash of genres."

God Is In The TV Magazine (On Boy, Interrupted)

Marcus Connolly is a new wave of pop artist, not afraid to break the boundaries of pop.

Hailing from Manchester (UK) and reaching an audience all around the globe. Alt pop artist Marcus Connolly has shared his life online since he was 16. Starting his journey posting vlogs of his life to eventually sharing more of his vision and creativity through music and in late 2018 securing a distribution deal from new age label and distribution service AWAL.

Marcus’ music is a reflection of his life and mindscape.

His debut mixtape ‘Digital Dreamland’ a concept project based around a break-up and escapism culture, soon gathered a small cult following and garnered the attention of Spotify playlists and underground music blogs pinning Marcus as one to watch in the underground pop and 'hyperpop' scene.


Ultimately Marcus’ goal is to tell a story through his music and songwriting. Following the release of his first mixtape the 21 year old announced he was working on his second mixtape which would be much more based in reality and have a harder and more aggressive sound. He has since been working with Manchester based pop producer Mattu and a number of other underground producers/artists releasing a handful of singles throughout the span of 2020 in the lead up to his anticipated second mixtape ‘Fresh Hell’ summer 2021.


Over 50,000 Spotify streams & 100,000 Youtube video views.



Visual shot and directed by Marcus Connolly.

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