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FEAR OF MARKO is the genre-breaking project led by singer/songwriter MARKO (Marcus Anthony Connolly).

Hailing from Manchester, MARKO began writing songs around the age of 15, posting demos to Soundcloud and youtube and building a cult following of likeminded individuals in the alternative and queer music scenes.


With musical influences that range from the My Chemical Romance & Green Day to Grimes and Britney Spears. MARKO is often blending confessional emo pop songwriting with experimental glitch rock and oddball production calling back to the likes of Death Grips earlier work and contemporaries such as 

BROCKHAMPTON, glaive and Charli XCX. 


Often blending grunge and rock with a fresh yet nostalgic glitchy hyperpop sound, FEAR OF MARKO is the new queer face of modern alternative music.